Tomorrow could be the big day!!

I went by Doug’s custom Boat Work today (co-located with Pitman’s Yacht Service in Tarpon Springs, Fl.) to check on the progress of Makin Memories swim platform. Doug let me know that he believes he will be ready to pop the platform out of the mold tomorrow, maybe Friday depending on the weather tomorrow, and make sure that I am there to watch it. The four sections as seen in the photos are where the blow-out panels will be located and screwed in with #8’s. The blow-out panels are in case Makin Memories takes a gigantic swell from the stern and instead of the full impact of the wave exerting its force against the transom and trying to lift 24 tons of vessel, the blow-out panels will be pushed out and the excessive force will be dissipated thus saving the possibility of transom failure. Sounds good to me!

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