International Delivery & Training Captains – Other Services


Captains Jean and Jerry are both USCG licensed captains (Jean holds a 6-Pack license and Jerry has the USCG 50-ton Master Captain license in addition to his 6-pack).  They have international experience and are available as training captains for new boat owners and can also relocate vessels, either with the owner or without.

Whether you need a simple familiarization training with your boat’s systems….

32 (108).JPG
Changing oil and adjusting valves
Permission 2.jpg
Welcome to your engine room!

or you need hands-on training to learn how to understand weather apps….

Permission 3
Understanding the Windy App and others for safety

Perhaps you have graduated to a larger vessel and need to build confidence before soloing (training with a licensed captain may also reduce your insurance premiums!)….

This is a lot different than the last boat’s panel!

Making sure you are SURE of your air-draft so that you know which bridges you can pass under without removing gear that is critical to the rest of your trip and which you will be better off opening.

These new captains are VERY glad they measured their airdraft PRIOR to encountering this fixed bridge in St. Petersburg, FL!

learn safe ways of locking-through in the USA and Canada…

Locking-through in Canada!

or just knowing how to navigate, dock and anchor your boat,

0518201256_HDR (2)
Learning to find anchorages and marinas while under way!

Making sure you know how to snag and secure your boat to a mooring ball BEFORE you need to do it!

This makes it look so easy – practicing in protected waters first is a great idea!

Active Captain makes finding an anchorage much easier once you learn how to use it!
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All-female bridge! Look at that wake!
Understanding the Aids to Navigation (ATONS)

Captains Jean and Jerry can gently guide you to an elevated confidence level.  Both hold Master’s degrees in psychology and have a great affinity for boaters of all ages and skill levels.


If you don’t have time to move your own vessel, we will deliver her when and where you want her, treating her with the same TLC as we would our own boats.

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Captains Jean and Jerry have officiated several vessel re-naming ceremonies.  These can be tailored to the boat-owner’s desires, either using a traditional ceremony or one which is more Christian in nature.

Archimedes’ New name
Permission 1.jpg
Madmaks’ Inheritance New Name


Captain Jerry is also an ordained minister who can marry couples aboard our boat, yours or in a location of your choice.

The “Titanic” pose means it’s FOREVER!!!



Over years of boat ownership and from his experience on the Loop, Captain Jerry Coleman has constructed a detailed, tabulating Excel spreadsheet that helps boat owners keep track of the details that make up their own Loop experience.  “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” is a famous quote that addresses the idea that knowing your own metrics makes you better able to manage your resources. 

Our training clients receive a complimentary copy of a East Coast Vessel Relocation’s Master Tracker in addition to training.

If you are not a client but would like a copy – please email us at or text 727-505-2979.  The cost is $75.